Our Surf lesson Membership package is perfect for locals and/or anyone visiting Cocoa Beach that would like to have lessons every day if they wish, during the time of their stay here.

  • Benefits Include:
  • Awesome cardio workout.
  • Total body workout, helps with shoulders and back strength, legs and core muscles.
  • Great outlet for stress and tension.
  • An awesome way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural environment.
  • Always have a knowledgeable surf instructor by your side.
  • And the best thing is... You will be having so much fun, that you wont even know you are getting a good workout!


                                                     How it works?

We've made it really simple and way less of a hassle of a traditional gym type membership and its only $200.00 a month / No Contract!

  • Month to month memberships can be set up on reoccurring automatic payment for as long as you want and you can cancel anytime by calling or emailing us.
  •   Once a member you can start immediately, all you have to do is call or email us to reserve the day and time you want your lesson, at least 24 hours in advance. Note: Membership hours are from 10am to 3pm, Monday through Friday and from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. We are closed on Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.
  • All lessons are an hour long and can be used any day / all days that we are open
  • Memberships are good for one calendar month from the date of purchase. (Exp.) If you purchase it on April 20th, it will be good till May 20th.

Pretty much, that's it! You get up to 31 days of surf lessons (1 Hour) and time in the water for only $200.00 a month.

It's KindaSortaLike a Gym Membership !

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